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For your every occasion

Throw your party at Hotel Smedegaarden

Celebrate your wedding, birthday, reunion or any other celebration at Hotel Smedegaarden. You can rent our banqueting rooms for your celebration, or we provide all our banquet menus as catering. For more information contact us by phone or e-mail.


A small but very lovely place to celebrate your party. This room has windows all around, and this makes the room very light.

From the “Glassal” you have the opportunity to enjoy our beautiful garden and the nice weather in the summertime.

This room fits 30 people max. and if combined with one of our other banqueting rooms, it makes an even bigger room for your guests

Store sal

This big banqueting room has high ceilings and room for 175 people. In here you can choose between a various of combinations for your tables, round and square, and how they are being positioned.

This room can be split in to, and then the rooms each fit 80 people maximum.

You can combine this room with “Glassal” where you can enjoy a cup of coffee or just enjoy the garden view.


The banquet menus can be delivered to you, when ordered for minimum 10 adults. For more information please contact us by phone or e-mail.

We offer banquet menus for every occasion, we offer both traditional and untraditional menus based on the seasons best ingredients. 

Find inspiration in our menus, in which we also offer as catering. Please contact us by phone or e-mail if you have any specific requests and ideas for your banquet.


Every occasion needs delicious food

Our menus for your every occasion can be required at Hotel Smedegaarden or by contacting us by e-mail og telephone. 

Dorthe Larsen

I was at an event in Esbjerg today, where the food was delivered by Hotel Smedegaarden, fantastic food and beautifully arranged.

– Review about catering